About All My Sports – SA

Born in 2016, All My Sports SA is company that provides admin, event management and sourcing support for all codes of sport. We offer assistance on all aspects that clubs and federations require assistance in order to advance the sporting code, from sourcing the equipment, advancing athlete management training to sport event marketing and execution.


To provide a complete solution to assist administrators and athletes in sport with all the support they need.

We pride ourselves to be the link to the sporting world.



The link to the sports world…

Sports team conditioning:

We work with local schools and clubs to improve fitness, strength and capacity

Deep Tissue Massage and compression boots

We offer deep tissue massage in the comfort of your home and at events. Massages are key for recovery and injury prevention.

De-stress Massage

We offer a relaxing de-stress massage to allow the body and mind to relax during this stressful time.


Due to the lack of sport in schools, our youth are faced with lots of free time which leads to them being involved in the social ills that destroys the fabric of our society. We want to give the youth hope and better future by introducing them to sport. Due to the lack of equipment, clubs / NGO’s and schools battle to implement this. There are many households that have used sports equipment like balls, racquets, shoes and clothing in fair condition that we can use to start the journey of sport in their lives. Help us grow the culture of sport, discipline and ubuntu. We have partnered with Wholesun Bread who produced our collection boxes. Please contact us if you would like a box of your club or office to act as a collection point for your family and friends. We will gladly collect it and repurpose it. Thank you for being part of the change and shaping South Africa.

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We run Fitcamp classes daily at the Battswood Baseball Clubhouse on Chukker road at 18h00 daily and 08h00 on Saturday mornings. The workout is 60 minutes long and works the whole body. R350 per month for limitless access. Come get into shape.

All My Sports SA aims to raise funds to lighten the financial burden that these athletes are faced with to represent their provinces and SA in competitions. Often most high performance athletes lack funding to compete at the highest levels. Sport funding is decreasing and therefore the best can’t always go. This fund will contribute as much as possible to decrease the burden. Sporting codes like baseball players need R27 000 to represent SA! Pool players needs R10000. Wrestling athletes need R36 000. Netball player need R11 000. Disabled athlete needed R35000. Fly fishing athlete needed R12000. The list goes on and on. Please help us to the raise money to invest in tomorrow’s sporting heroes by R50 OR MORE PER MONTH via debit order. This will be used for food, transport, equipment, capacity building and partial funding for events. Many thanks in assisting us to help our current and future stars.
Donations can be made via www.allmysports-sa.com Contact Elton via whatsapp on 0824680081 or email on elton@allmysports-sa.com #makeSAproud @payitforward #supportforsport #allmysportsSA


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